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How do you maintain a market leader position? One way is having a clear vision. It also helps to create a trend-setting work environment with, dare we say it, brilliant colleagues.

Let’s face it, that’s why we need you. Unless, of course, you are looking to finance your dream property with the most advanced technology on the market, in which case, you definitely need us!

Best of Both Worlds

Europace is the SDAX fintech of the New Work era. So salary increases are not dependent on the next financing round. And drinks and fruit baskets are standards not benefits. As are your 30 vacation days with added 10-day flex* time off option.

We describe ourselves as New Work – not in the LinkedIn post hashtag sense – more in terms of holacracy, self-organization and trust-based working hours. We know that every colleague, no matter the role, needs a private life, whether it be to care for their family or self-improve with advanced training or more. We also acutely aware that benefits improve performance, so we have a long list of them, including:

  • Workation – up to 8 weeks a year of mobile work in the EEA
  • Previously mentioned *flex vacation – 10 days that can be purchased in addition to your regular 30
  • Further education
  • Hypoport bonus – company shares if you hit your annual target (we are sure you will)
  • Anniversary shares
  • Parental allowance
  • Kids office
  • Support in finding a daycare center
  • Disability insurance and company pension plan
  • Health care and health check-ups
  • Modern fitness room
  • Pool bikes and vehicles
  • A variety of ergonomic work environments – common spaces, deep-work spaces, both silent and entertainment areas

Find more information about the benefits that help create brilliant colleagues on our blog.

So that is us, what about you? Can you bring top level skills to any of the following roles?

If so, then please do not hesitate to contact Romina:

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Recruiting Partner

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